They Are Billions Save Editor | v1.19

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This is no longer Maintained or Supported

  • This tool was killed by the developers of the game
  • The developers of the game didn't want to support modding
  • The developers constantly tried to patch / ruin this level editor
  • We will provide NO support for it
  • The code is here for anyone who wants to learn / reference
  • People keep abusing us because we won't update it
  • This was made for FREE in my own time, and getting abused for not updating something that is free is not acceptable

What is this?

  • This is a save file editor for "They Are Billions".
  • It allows you to edit save files relatively easily.

How do I use this?

  • Press "control + F5" to ensure you have the latest version of the app.
  • Load a "They Are Billions" save file.
  • Save files can be found in "My Documents" --> "My Games" --> "They Are Billions" --> "Saves".
  • Select one of the ".zxsav" files to begin the editing process.

Template Maps

Is there somewhere I can ask questions, or share my mods?


  • This level editor fully supports translations.
  • The language files are stored here
  • There is one file for each language.
  • Create a pull request on the repository to submit updated language files.
  • Look in the browser's console for any missing translations.

Change Log

  • (v1.19) 16th October 2018
    • New Feature Added missing units / buildings from the editor prefabs / zombie layer.
  • (v1.18)
    • New Feature Added support for the new "Fortress Layer" although this doesn't appear to render in game at this stage for some reason.
    • Bug Fix The game will no longer crash upon loading a map made with the editor for version 9.0.0 and newer.
  • (v1.17)
    • New Feature Added screens to explain how to save and load maps easily.
    • New Feature Updated the zombie randomisation tool, holding control and clicking will change the number of each zombie category that appears, holding shift will decrease the number of that zombie type.
  • (v1.16)
    • New Feature Added circle brush tool.
    • New Feature Added the ability to draw random zombies onto the map. Hold 'control' when selecting which zombie to draw.
  • (v1.15)
    • New Feature Started to add hotkeys. See GitHub for a list of hotkeys.
  • (v1.14)
    • New Feature Added a visual zombie editor so that zombies within the fog of war can be edited.
  • (v1.13)
    • New Feature Added options to delete all hidden zombies and entities via map settings menu.
    • Polish Started to improve performance of editor.
  • (v1.12)
    • New Feature Added bonus entity editor.
    • Polish Changed the user interface on the left side so it is less squashed.
    • New Feature Added additional entities to paint.
  • (v1.11)
    • New Feature Added grid options.
    • New Feature Added roads.
    • New Feature Added additional entities to paint.
  • (v1.10)
    • New Feature Added map settings editor.
    • New Feature Added delete all of an entity type.
    • New Feature Added raw XML editor option.
  • (v1.09)
    • New Feature Added entity tool which lets you add new entities onto the map.
  • (v1.08)
    • New Feature Added feature toggles.
  • (v1.07)
    • New Feature Added Fog of War Editor.
    • Polish Changed layout of brushes into seperate sections to save space.
    • Bug Fix Fixed issues with oil entity editor.
  • (v1.06)
    • New Feature Added Chinese translations files.
    • Polish Made UI more pretty.
    • Polish Improved accuracy and size of entities.
    • New Feature Added toggle option for entity labels.
  • (v1.05)
    • New Feature Added oil source editing.
  • (v1.04)
    • New Feature Added 512x512 template map.
    • New Feature Added map properties editor.
    • Bug Fix Fixed entity menu closing when deleting / cloning entities.
    • New Feature Added selection tool.
    • New Feature Added line tool.
    • New Feature Added undo & redo for layers.
  • (v1.03)
    • New Feature Added entity Cloning and Deleting.
    • New Feature Added Wave Editor to change how waves spawn.
  • (v1.02)
    • New Feature Added visual entity display.
  • (v1.01)
    • New Feature Added entity editor.
  • (v1.00)
    • New Feature Added previous maps list.
    • New Feature Updated editor to be more useable (zooming, brush size, scrolling).
    • New Feature Added the ability to export the map.
    • New Feature Added the ability to edit the terrain and resources on a map.
    • New Feature Added the ability to load save files.
Select an entity to view it's properties.

How to load a map:

Map Settings:

Map Export: